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The Real College Football Playoff: 2014 Field of 16

The 2014 NCAA/FBS Field of 16 is ready to be announced and WAY before the “SIGNIFICANTLY INEXPERIENCED” CFP committee who are using variables to select with no true criteria, changing their minds on head to head, using a variable of “game control” which possesses no peer reviewed research to be used as a variable of objective matter with credibility. I have also caught the CFP committee chair contradicting himself every week while being interviewed on ESPN every Tuesday for the past 5+ weeks.

I will post 2 ways that the NCAA/FBS field of 16 could resemble. When you review the pairings, I have my own criteria which is researched based, objective, subjective and I possess no bias against any FBS team. I do not possess any agenda nor do I use a made up variable which is not peer reviewed supported. Seeds are earned based upon the professional model theory and how the FBS programs schedule. This would be the first round of games held first weekend of December. Pairings are shown in the traditional 16 team bracket format. The better seeded team, meaning the lower the seed #, you host the first round game.

The only games that have playoff seeding implications are Kansas State vs. Baylor and TCU vs. Iowa State.

IF Kansas State Wins, Baylor Losses and TCU wins

#1 Florida State (12-0) vs. #16 Wisconsin (10-2)

#8 Arizona (10-2) vs. #9 Boise State (10-2)

#5 TCU (11-1) vs. #12 Georgia Tech (10-2)

#4 Marshall (11-1) vs. #13 Kansas State (10-2)

#3 Oregon (11-1) vs. # 14 Baylor (10-2)

#6 Alabama (11-1) vs. #11 Northern Illinois (10-2)

#7 Michigan State (10-2) vs. #10 Colorado State (10-2)

#2 Ohio State (11-1) vs. Mississippi State (10-2)

Missouri (10-2) last team out.


IF Kansas State Losses, Baylor Wins and TCU wins

#1 Florida State (12-0) vs. #16 Missouri (10-2)

#8 Michigan State (10-2) vs. Arizona (10-2)

#5 Baylor (11-1) vs. #12 Northern Illinois (10-2)

#4 Marshall (11-1) vs. #13 Georgia Tech (10-2)

#3 Oregon (11-1) vs. #14 Mississippi State (10-2)

#6 TCU (11-1) vs. #11 Colorado State (10-2)

#7 Alabama (11-1) vs. #10 Boise State (10-2)

#2 Ohio State (11-1) vs. #15 Wisconsin (10-2)

Kansas State (9-3) out.

If you have any questions pertaining to my seeds and how I seeded the field of 16. Please contact me via twitter @cfbpoexpert  I look forward to your comments, questions and if you would like to interview me for a segment on college football on your sports radio talk show contact me using the same handle or email cfbpoexpert@gmail.com

On a side note: I have been updating my book statistically,adding more tables, adding 4 new chapters and making some adjustments to the chapters. The target release date is planned for March 2015.

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