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Michigan Takes Over Number 1 In Week 3 Poll

Michigan (7-0) dominates Penn State (5-1) in a battle of between two 0-loss programs. Michigan does possess a strategic advantage in their non-conference schedule by playing three (3) extra home games. Michigan along with Ohio State are amongst a small group of FBS programs that remain at 0-losses within the Big 10. Michigan and Ohio State are not scheduled to play until their annual Thanksgiving Day weekend in Ohio State. This could be the battle for representation to compete for the Big 10 Title, remaining as a 0-loss FBS program, and possible higher seed for my 16-team playoff brackets.

The 2022 CFB season is just past the half-way mark. Currently, at this point of the season, there are nine (9) remaining 0-loss FBS programs. On average, at the end of the regular season there are 2.45 0-loss FBS programs. We are trending towards that direction. There is still plenty of football left with many high- profile games, key match ups and upsets still to look forward to. Which of the 131 FBS teams will earn bowl eligibility, who will make the bias “CFP4” field and who will make my field of 16.

Below are the rankings for this week. I did change the rankings information in which I am providing. I will not add the records of the categorical variables. I did add each ranked FBS teams non-conference home and away scheduled games. This also includes any FCS game scheduled by these FBS programs. All FCS games scheduled by FBS teams are scheduled at home. Each categorical variable that I measure allows me to rank each FBS statistically. During this point of the season there might be rankings where FBS programs possess the same statistical rate as other FBS teams. This in turn will cause ties in rank order.

Below is my Week 3 CFB Poll:

1 MICHIGAN(7-0)3/01291307610
2 MISSISSPPI(7-0)3/166.554.54212
3 CLEMSON(7-0)3/178.584.5489
4 GEORGIA(7-0)4/066.511050.514
5 OHIO STATE(6-0)3/078.51107214
6 TCU(6-0)1/212412759.59.5
7 TENNESSEE(6-0)3/110284.515.53.5
8 SYRACUSE(6-0)3/171.5115.54111
9 UCLA(6-0)3/035.584.563.58
10 USC(6-1)3/01051189312
11 LIBERTY(6-1)2/59884.51253
12 NORTH CAROLINA(6-1)2/210511080.514
13 ALABAMA(6-1)3/186.5110349
14 TULANE(6-1)3/19210490.59
15 COAST CAROLINA(6-1)3/1110.510411410
16 ILLINOIS(6-1)3/09866.584.511
17 PENN STATE(5-1)2/1108.59856.54
18 CINCINNATI(5-1)2/286.53510010
19 SOUTH ALABAMA(5-1)2/266.59811010
20 WAKE FOREST(5-1)3/154.54511.52.5
21 OREGON(5-1)2/1415.53010
22 CENTRAL FLORIDA(5-1)3/192100.596.56
23 JAMES MADISON(5-1)2/198910714
24 KANSAS STATE(5-1)3/035.524229.5
25 OKLAHOMA STATE(5-1)3/0127127557

I possess no subjective bias in rankings week to week during the FBS season. The FBS teams create their own starting point based upon records, FCS scheduling, non-conference scheduling, overall scheduling, home field advantages in their schedule and how the teams they scheduled during that season earn success or are not as successful.

Week 4 Poll will be posted soon. Wonder how the games that were played causes chaos and ranking changes to those already in my Top 25.

Remember, when using any of my data, information and statistical analysis, please cite your sources using the APA/MLA methods. Always give credit where credit is due, if it’s not your work, words or thoughts. Also, remember this blog page is copyright protected.

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