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Me… Why the Research into a Playoff Format?

As a sports enthusiast enjoying all sports from early childhood, I continued that passion into coaching basketball  for 15+ years and earning a M.S.E. in Athletic Administration and Sports Management at an accredited institution from Western New York.  Many will wonder why football, since I coached basketball for so many years. I always wondered why college football at the highest level of play never had a traditional playoff format, but was respectful of the traditional bowl games. My investigative work started in an Ethics of Sport class with a 15-minutes presentation on the Ethics of the BCS system. From that 15-minute presentation,  turned into 5+ years of investigative research on how college football at the FBS level could effectively implement an “improved and fair” 16-team traditional playoff format congruent with the current bowl system. My investigation eventually turned 500+ pages of statistical data, 10 legal pads of notes and comments, reading 35+ peer reviewed journal articles, reading 8 published academic books and reading 2 published sports books related to the topic. Then cross referencing the majority of that information against the 120+ FBS college football websites to verify and validate the information as correct.  The analysis of that information allowed me to examine at  least 32 categorical variables which in turn, became a book. My investigation revealed some significant and interesting  findings that relates to a need for a change in college football for a traditional playoff format.  Over the remaining course of this college football season, I will offer clear investigative facts about college football  since 1996. Many of you will either re-think your position on college football or climb on board to support my research and purchase my book.


During my posts, I will never directly call out a sports analyst or sports organization by name. However, I will quote what they said and use educationally sound findings to prove their theory or thought as not accurate.

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