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Month: November 2015

2015 FBS vs FCS Results

There are many questions that arise from the college football fans and media, when college football programs from the FBS level schedule FCS programs. The FCS is the next division down in classification at the NCAA level of college athletics from the FBS level for college football. Do you ever wonder why FBS programs schedule […]

Clemson and Iowa are atop the Polls

This past weekend of college football was very precitible, entertaining and lots of games that made the weekend full of excitement. After Ohio State and Oklahoma State losses this past wekeend, it allowed Clemson and Iowa to move into the top two (2) spots. Interesting Iowa has not been getting the ranking they deserve but […]

College Football Increases the Excitement

With the last few weeks of college football remaining, the rankings are starting to stablize. Many top ranked teams either just surviving or playing hard enough to win the game. Did not Coach Jim Valvano say it best “Survive and advance”. The final weeks will determine who will make my field of sixteen (16) and […]

Week 2 of CFP Predictions

The CFP committee will release their College Football Rankings which has a direct effect on which four (4) FBS programs, oh mis-spoke, which four (4) Group of Five FBS programs will compete for the $50 Million Dollar prize at the end, plus being called National Champion for college football at the NCAA level. I am […]

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