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Week 3 of the CFP Predictions

The committee is getting more and more predictible by the week. Interesting that I can prepare a CFP Prediction Rankings in less time that the actual committee takes in deliberating how to rank the CFP Top 25. Last week in comparison to the CFP Top 25 and my predictions, again I was 96% accruate in selecting the pool of 25. I had Mississippi in the CFP Top 25 and the inexperienced committee selected Wisconsin. As for placement accruacy, I was 32% accurate. That’s up 400% from the first weeks rankings with many of the ranked FBS teams off by one spot. Either I had a ranked FBS team higher or lower by one position difference. Let’s see how I do this week in the prediction of the CFP Top 25.

The final weeks of the season are going to be crazy and more crazier as the final week approaches. FBS teams that you thought would win struggle and lose, fail to play to their potetnial and escape with a win or lose all together on last series by opponents. What will this week bring in college football? It seems with 2 or 3 games left in the season, depending on which FBS program and conference you are in, the excitement is just beginning. As for one of the higher ranked FBS programs in the CFP poll, they have a simple week this week. More specifically the Southeastern Conference (SEC) or who I call the Schedule Easy Conference. This week #2 rankes Alabama and in my rankings #11 Alabama scheduled an FCS game at HOME versus Charleston Southern. Research tells me that Alabama will win by 4+ posessions, meaning 28 points or more. But would it not be apprapoah if FCS Charleston Southern pulled the late season FCS upset over Alabama and put the crowning moments on the SEC’s chances of being selected as one of the four in the CFP playoffs. Oh wait, it would have to take more than that for the SEC to be left out of the field of four, since the chair of the CFP is SEC Athletic Director from Arkansas; Jeff Long. In addition to, the founding fathers of the BCS and CFP are all SEC related. Guess we will find out when Auburn and Florida State put a monkey wrench in to the whole process at the end of the season over Thanksgiving weekend, by giving Florida and Alabama their second loss and all SEC programs possessing at least 2-losses or more.

Now for my prediction on how the CFP Committee will rank the FBS prorgams one (1) through twenty-five (25) this week.


CLEMSON (10-0)
IOWA (10-0)
TCU (9-1)
BAYLOR (8-1)
HOUSTON (10-0)
UTAH (8-2)
LSU (7-2)
NAVY (8-1)
TOLEDO (8-1)

I do believe that I have probably increased my placement accuracy this week. I do believe I might have 50% or greater this week in placement accuracy. We shall see.

See the CFP Committees job is not that hard. I can do it without needing three (3) days to debate and argue. However, I woul rank differently as you can see by how I rank.

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