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Categorical variables examined and 1996?

I have been asked about my research on which categorical variables I examined and why I selected the year of 1996. In reverse order, I selected the year 1996 due to the fact that it was the starting point of when the BCA(Bowl Coalition Association) was formed. Two years later the BCA became the BCS. That’s where the numerical data starts, once the path of determining a national champion in college football changed.

The categorical variables in which I investigated and researched for my book and theory, are variables within variables which then became exponential within each variable.   My objective was to somehow prove that a 16-team playoff format at the FBS level could effectively be executed, congruent with the current bowl season/system without eliminating any bowl games.  From that theory, I can definitively say that a 16 team playoff format can work. Below is a small sample of the multiple categorical variables I examined, researched, analyzed and compared, which led to support my theory, findings and objective.

  1. Non-Conference Scheduling practices.
  2. # of home and away non conference games scheduled per FBS Program and Conference.
  3. # of wins and losses earned within their non conference schedule per FBS Programs and Conferences.
  4. # of non conference games scheduled vs. BCS, NON-BCS and FCS opponents.
  5. # of non conference games won  or lost vs. BCS, NON-BCS and FCS opponents.
  6. Ranked all 120 FBS programs based on each of those variables above.
  7. Examined and ranked all 120 FBS programs on the total number of wins and losses earned from 1996-present.
  8. Examined, analyzed and ranked all FBC conferences and programs scheduling habits among FCS programs.
  9. Examined and investigated each of the 6 computerized BCS programs to determine validity and which variables are used to  calculate a number within their system.
  10. Analyzed, Examined and investigated the USA Today Coaches poll to and its subjectivity to credibility.
  11. Examined the affects of position differences associated with each FBS team ranked within the USA Today Coaches Poll.
  12. Examined the historical differences associated within the coaches poll comparing how many BCS coaches vote vs. Non-BCS coaches who vote to determine if there is a significant advantage.
  13. Examined the position differences within the coaches poll associated with winning, losing, dropped out and Idle.
  14. Within #13 I examined how position difference is affected  when playing a BCS (home or away), Non-BCS(home and away) and FCS (home and Away).
  15. Examined if there is a possibility of voter bias within the USA Today Coaches poll with the assistance of peer reviewed journal articles to support my findings.

I hope that helps answer a few of the questions asked of me on twitter. Please feel free to tweet me or follow me  @cfbpoexpert, email me at cfbpoexpert@gmail.com , leave me a comment here after a post and keep reading this webpage.

The next post will be either be the fictional 1996 playoff teams or fun facts…..

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