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The reign of the SEC empire falls! I predicted on twitter in the beginning and during the course the 2012 FBS season, that NO SEC program would finish the season with 0-losses.Does the SEC possess credible programs, yes.  But the experts within the major media outlets of television and radio were significantly positive about the SEC repeating, most notably Alabama. What are the contributing factors to the SEC empire falling from the graces of glory and praise.

It only took a B12 team from the great football state of TEXAS to topple the empire. The original SEC writers and media personnel were skeptic that either Texas A&M or Missouri would make an significant impact. Well, now its time for these sports writers and analyst to eat crow and hopefully say they were wrong. The contributing factors for the falling SEC empire is as follows:

  1. Too many programs in the conference. This just supports my research and theory based upon increased number of teams in one conference increases mediocrity.
  2. The SEC lost twice to 2 Sun Belt Conference(SBC) programs at Home and 4 close calls versus SBC programs at Home. Just think if those SBC teams won 2 out of the 4 closes ones. This would have significantly decreased the credibility of the SEC.
  3. The significant hedonistic control of their non-conference schedule and never playing away from their home field. Sooner or later the 79.8% home field advantage that the SEC possesses since  1996, is going to catch up with you in the long run.
  4. The significant 90.1% non-conference home field advantage that Alabama possesses from 1996 definitely does not prepare them for tough games in adverse conditions as the season concludes heading into the clubhouse turn.
  5. Finally, the significant increase in scheduling the FCS programs from 50% in 2006 to 100% in 2012. That’s a 233% increase in 6 years of scheduling FCS programs.

These are just the primary contributors to the SEC empire falling from the graces of the BCS as the years added up. Being the money whores of college football, maybe the SEC teams should invest some that financial accolades earned and schedule somebody of caliber, away from the southeastern region and not in a neutral site.What the SEC fears is losing, just like any other FBS program. The SEC is well aware of that losing early or 1-loss will significantly decrease their chances of  playing for the title game. That’s why the SEC controls and manipulates as many of the computer variables possible making the perception of their accolades better than what reality tells us.

Final Thought: To prepare for the higher level of competition towards the end of the season you must prepare your team with better competition during the course of the season. That means putting your team in an un-familiar position and conditions on the road away from home cooking, excluding conference games. This will better prepare your team as you come out of the clubhouse turn and heading toward the finish line. I guess the SEC is worried about making money versus preparing their kids for adversity in life as the season concludes with tougher competition. The SEC concludes with 6 FCS teams next week before rivalry week. Just another scheduled blow out and statistically significant win for the SEC.  In the future, the SEC should schedule D2 and D3 programs towards the end of the season. I guess my point is well stated and proven.

“Just the Facts Ma’am, Just the facts”

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