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Book Update and New Release Time

To all the college football fans who would appreciate an expanded tournament style playoff bracket of more than 4 Power 5 FBS teams in the NCAA at the FBS level of college football. I authored and released a book in 2013 which is pictured on my webpage on the right side. I have taken on the subject matter again and that book although available now but not the one you should read. Proof reading what I wrote, I discovered that I left out some vital and pertinent information that is definatively needed to prove my point and support for a change for a 16-team playoff expanded format for college football at the FBS level of play in the NCAA. My research and playoff format allows all (128) and or future FBS programs an equal, fair and just opportunity to compete for the National Championship in college football at the FBS level of play in the NCAA and an opprtuinity to comepete for $50+ million dollars.

I have added 4 new chapters, added new tables, adjusted tables and data to support my findings, a secret chapter and changed the title. I am currently writing that secret chapter now which offers evidence and proof that certain rules have been broken and that those rules need to be brought to light. I am writing this book from a District Attorney’s positon who is trying a defendent on a first degree murder charge and I am that District Attorney with all the evidence and facts.

When you author a book and make any changes to that book, such as additional chapters or change in data, you need to re-apply for copyright protection and a new ISBN Library of Congress number. This does not mean that the book I authored already is not valid, just means that I am offering more supportive evidence and findings. You may ask why the long delay in re-release. When you work 70+ hours a week, you have time for a few pages here and there plus reflect on what you wrote.

My target time to be completed with this project from the writing sense is at the end of 2015, basically December 31, 2015. Once that is complete, I will proof read what I wrote again and then re-submit for copyright protection by the end of January 2016. Once I have obtained my new copyright, I will be looking for at least (20) volunteers to enter into a contractual agreement to read my book to offer thoughts and comments. The target date for consumer purchase will be on or just after July 1, 2016. Right before college football season starts up with the pre-season polls and conference media days.

The volunteers I am searching for are sports writers from across the country, atheltic directors outside of the FBS or FCS level of play, sports fans who possess an open mind  and passionate about college football when reading a topic of this magnitude, sports news casters who possess no ties to ESPN, FOX Sports, HLN Sports, NBC Sports, CNN Sports or any other major media sports outlet. As a volunteer you will enter into an agreetment that hold you to secrecy and not able to discuss the book and its contents until I officially release it to the general public. Specific details of being a volunteer to be the first to read my book will be released later when that time comes.

Could you be a volunteer? If you have any questions or would like to be considered as a volunteer to read my book before the general public please contact me either by:

email:     cfbpoexpert@gmail.com    or       Twitter:      cfbpoexpert

I look forward to your comments and the possibility of you being one of those (20) volunteers.

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