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College Football In the BCS Era, NOW Available!!!

Book Available: College Football In the BCS Era; The Untold Truth: Facts, Evidence and Solution by Matthew J. Siggelow

Book Price $35.00 on sale now for 20% off at $28.00. First 200 sold receives this discount!!!!!!!

A new book that examines college football at the FBS level in how they determine their national champion in the BCS system is now available. This research can also be applied to the new 4-team CFP system as well. I originally authored this liteary work in 2013. After a few months I re-exmained what I had published and wrote. The analytical wheels started spinning and I left out very important information and data that needed to be explained more clearly to the readers in this sports arena of college football, mainly the sports media. Three years later , I proofed the original work, updated Tables and then I added three (3) new chapters and one of them examines the Sherman Act.

Within this book, there are 19 Chapters that examines many variables and sub variables within college football and how they determine their National Champion. The book is 516 pages in length with Reference pages included. I used 30+ Peer Reviewed Journal articles which were subject specific to variables. I read 10 published literary works or books that were and are educationally authored by doctoral professors within the field of Athletic Administration and Sports Management. Additional readings included from authors who published books/literary works from the sports media who cover sports and college football. I examined over 25,000+ data points to assist in determining how to rank FBS programs based upon dependent and independent variables which affects the BCS and current CFP system used. There are over 100+ Tables of data to assist the reader in understanding the reality of college football and how subjectivity and the poll system is not a valid system in ranking FBS programs week to week. The tables and data inside the book are written in general mathematical notations, meaning percentages and numbers. I wanted the reader to understand the data and numbers and not get lost in F or P Values.

All of this data and reading allowed me to put to test my theory if whether college football at the FBS level can possess an expanded playoff format congruent with the bowl system, without eliminating any bowl games, and without extending the current season and making sure the playoff format did not interupt academic finals weeks. My research has determined that college football at the FBS level CAN possess an expanded playoff format with 16 teams. This research also proves that of the 16 FBS seeded programs, 12 spots would be secured by BCS/Power Five programs and 4 spots would be secured by Non-BCS/Group of Five Prorgams. All the Non-BCS/Group of Five programs want is the ability to participate for the National Championship, the $50 Million dollars thats at stake and the national accolades that comes with winning the FBS National Championship. With the the curren CFP and past BCS systems in use, the Non-BCS/Group of Five programs are not eligible and vehetmetly excluded to compete for the National Championship and the $50 Million dollars.

NO matter if Boise State, Western Michigan, Tulane or any of the other Group of Five programs that finish the season with 0-losses, they are not eligible to compete for the National Championship, and the $50 Million dollars at stake. My playoff format allows ALL FBS programs the ability to be selected and seeded in the field of 16 to earn the National Championship in college football at the FBS level of play. Within a chapter in my book there are mock/fictional playoff brackets that shows how the playoff format could work, how each FBS team was seeded and those FBS programs that just missed the cut. It’s not impossible to see this coming to fruition in the future. The media now is OK with the CFP 4-team playoff and with the current chaos within college football now, they want the playoff to be expanded to 8 and thinking 16. This research and literary work shows that an expanded playoff format can work, be successful and exponentially financially beneficial for college football at the FBS level of play.

Chapters titles in the book include but not limited too: Reason for Change, Eight Variables that Affected the BCS, Non-Conference Scheduling and the FCS, The Significance of Home Field Advantage, Analyzing the USA Today Coaches Poll, Reality versus Subjectivity, The Untold Truth about the SEC, Balanced Schedule: Possible or Impossible, The Sherman Act vs. NCAA and the Power Brokers and the Future Business Plan for the 16-Team Playoff.

Purchase your copy at Lulu.com or by clicking on the book in the upper right corner of my blog page which has a link attached to the image. The link takes you directly to the book page for purchase with a small review. Please leave a comment about the book once you have read it. This is a perfect book for your college football fan in your family, friends, educators in Athletic Administrators who can use this book for curriculum purposes in acadamia for thier students in Athletic Administration and Sports Management programs.

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