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The 2018 College Football Season

Over the past 25+ days, the college football media has been a buzz, talking about who will make the playoffs, who will win the Heisman, which coach is on the hot seat, plus many more senstaive subjects in which they believe they are “experts” in. With that said, lets start posting.

In less 4 days, the FBS college football season will be starting. Which means during the last week of July and the first three weeks of August 2018, the sports media “experts” have been in a frenzy providing their feedback and analysis to the upcoming 2018 FBS College Football season. Articles within the subject matter of college football, more specifically of the FBS nature, will be published in various formats; from print within the major newspapers, to magazines, to web based publishing and Youtube videos. However, the most often used avenue to discuss college football will be across the radio and television air waves. I will be listening and reading along, like the rest of the 37+ MIllion college football fans and audience. My objective is to listen and read each word carefully in which they speak of, or write of, in an effort to catch them speaking or writing about non truths and then correcting them or offering the actual facts.

What will more than likely happen with these sports media “experts”, is they will only paint the picture that they believe that you to hear. This is called mind manipulation, without supportive information to back up the words in which they speak. The major sports media such as Experts Sports Programming Network, will spend countless hours discussing, promoting and playing video of how great the Southeastern Conference (SEC) is, their “dominance” in college football. They will discuss and show how wonderful Coach Saban is, create rankings and  then use a seasonal Football Prediction Indicator (FPI) of how the college football season will play out. ESPN has the market covered in the “crystal ball” methods of predictions. The majority of the time, ESPN fails to follow through on their predictions. In fact, there are many truths and facts that ESPN wont tell you about the SEC all due to the fact that ESPN holds a $2.25 Billion dollar investment into the SEC.

During the course of the 2018 college football season on my blog page, I won’t give you predictions of who will beat who and or, I wont give you predictions of who will be in the CFP playoffs before the season is completed. However, what i will provide for you is a seasonal ranking system which is researched based, and proven to be more accurate than the current rnaking systems in use. I do not use subjectivity in my ranking system, I use numerical data points which paints a much clearer picture. I examine and use multiple variables that the sports “experts” either are clearly un-aware of or lack the understanding how a multivariate ranking system can be efficient and more accurate. My college football season rankings do not start until the completion of the fourth week of the season. This means late September for my first rankings to be published. I will offer a ranking system weekly in a grid like format, offering explanation of the categories used to rank college fooball at the FBS level one(1) through twenty-five(25), plus the honorable mentioned. And finally, conclude with an expanded 16-team playoff for college football at the FBS level which is inclusive to all FBS programs, not exclusive. All FBS programs in college football are eligible to compete in my fictional, mock 16-team playoff field.

During the FBS college football season, I will be posting articles that will explore, dissect, investigate and offer the truths about each specific FBS conference and programs and both the Power Five Conferences and Group of Five Conferences as a whole. Truths that even the mainstream sports media “experts” either do not know, know and dont care to examine or better need to be given or spoon fed the information to open their eyes more on how Democritusly driven the CFP committee and the power brokers are in the CFP playoff system. A CFP system which is still bifurcated in the culmination of the end of the season for college football. A CFP playoff system that offers a prize of $50+ Millions dollars, the gold trophy and the prestige of being called “National Champion” for one (1) of sixty-five (65) FBS programs within the group of Power Confernece programs and includes Notre Dame.

The information I will provide for the college football audience is all reserched based, truthful and will be supported by MLA/APA citations to give credit when credit is due. Something that the sports media fails to understand, comprehend or even use. I believe that the sports media does not even know how to cite properly to support their comments or their beliefs.

I will address any questions you the college football audience may have in relationship to my postings and or findings. If you recite or use any of my information across the airwaves via television, radio or print, please follow the APA/MLA citation rules and give credit where credit is due.

Next Post: The Power Five Conference Review for 2018.

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