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POLL 7: Clemson Stays Number 1


The Clemson Tigers (10-0), retain the number one status within my college football rankings ahead of the other 0-loss FBS programs. Clemson has a tough game this week versus (7-2) Wake Forest who are having a great year in football and are looking forward to playing the role of spoiler. With three weeks left in the college football FBS regular season, Clemson has the ability to remain as a 0-loss program with games remaining versus Wake Forest this weekend, a week off and then closing out the season with now (4-6) South Carolina for the rivalry game on rivalry weekend.

If we take a deep dive into Clemson’s data and variables in which I collect and extract, Clemson possesses and overall record of (10-0), possesses a win loss record of (50-53) at a percentage rate of .465 associated with the combined records within their overall scheduled opponents for 2019; possesses a win loss record of (19-31) at a percentage rate of .380 associated with the combined records within their scheduled conference opponents for 2019; possesses a win loss record of (15-14) at a percentage rate of .517 associated with the combined records within their scheduled non conference opponents for the 2019 season, (this means the combined overall records associated with who they scheduled as non conference games, EXCLUDING FCS games, during the 2019 season); possesses a win loss record of (6-4) at a percentage rate of .600 associated with the combined records of their non conference scheduled FBS programs for the 2019 season (this means the combined records associated with their scheduled non conference opponents record within their non conference games), and finally Clemson is (7-0) at home and (3-0) away.

Taking a deeper dive into the offensive and defensive statistics for Clemson reveals that Clemson is a strong offensive team with scoring percentage rate of .500 with 138 offensive possessions and 69 scores. Scores are determines as touchdowns, field goals and safeties. In the defensive statistics, Clemson possesses 30 Defensive 3 stops against opponents. This is measured by any time during the game when the defense stop the opposing offense. One defensive stop is determined when the defense stops their opponent on three successive possessions in a row. As a team, Clemson possesses 7 Game Control Three’s. Game Control Three is determined by any FBS team outscoring their opponent by 21 points or more.

Many of you will argue that the data points of Clemson are not as good as, this team or that team, why do I have them ranked number one? My argument against that is, if we were to place every FBS team in ranked order by win and losses as a group like a professional league, then Clemson’s win loss records reflects that they possess more wins than the next 0-loss teams with (9-0) records. Once the records match, then the data can be examined differently against each other to determine a ranked order based upon all variables. There have been many champions in the professional sports leagues that possess the best records or not the best records, but statistically never possess the best statistical data points in all categorical variables that measures team success. A teams worthiness, credibility and success is based upon the wins and losses they earn, not their association with specific conferences, media companies or media exposure provided by specific media outlets. Which is the current case with the CFP and their committee. The CFP has vested interest with a certain FBS Power Five Conferences and their members.

As we work closer to the weekly rankings, lets look at some information about the group of FBS programs. As of this posting, there are (5) FBS 0-loss programs left, (14) FBS 1-loss programs, (10) 2-loss FBS programs, 56 FBS programs are Bowl Eligible, (16) 5-win FBS programs looking to become bowl eligible this week and their are a total of 48 FBS programs which includes the 5-win and 4-win FBS programs who are working towards bowl eligibility. Last year in the 2018 FBS college football season, the season ended with (5) 0-loss programs and 83 FBS programs who earn bowl eligibility. Let see how that trends continues as we conclude the 2019 FBS season.

Below is Poll 7. within this ranking, I have added a data point which offers information on the remaining scheduled games for the ranked FBS programs. If you look at the list, ONLY Alabama possesses a scheduled game versus an FCS opponent. Its a proven and published fact that when FBS programs schedule FCS programs, the FBS programs will win 90% of the time and by 4 possessions or more, meaning 28 points. I predict that Alabama beats Western Carolina by a score of (45-7). I guess Alabama could not find any FBS program to play against that weekend. Oh wait Alabama does not travel outside of the Southeastern part of the United States to play ANY credible FBS program on the road in a traditional non conference road game.

GRID: Ranked Team(Record)– indicates the rank of the FBS program and their current record; OPP OVRL– indicates the combined records of each specific ranked FBS programs scheduled win loss records and percentage rate of the whole 2019 schedule;  CONF– indicates the combined records of each specific ranked FBS programs conference schedule win loss records and percentage rates of the 2019 FBS season to assist in conference strength of schedule, REM SCHED (COMB REC) this is the remaining games scheduled in order of the ranked FBS programs in addition to the combined overall records of the remaining games scheduled, excluding any FCS scheduled game.

1 CLEMSON (10-0)(50-53) .485(19-31) .380H WF, A SC (11-8)
2 OHIO STATE (9-0)(57-54) .514(23-33) .411H RUTG, H PAST A MI (17-10)
3 LSU (9-0)(57-45) .559(22-26) .485A MS, H ARK, H TXAM  (12-17)
4 MINNESOTA (9-0)(50-52) .490(23-35) .395A IA, A NW , H WI (14-13)
5 BAYLOR (9-0)(49-50) .495(24-30) .444H OU, H TX, A KS (17-12)
6 SMU (9-1) (56-54) .509(19-24) .442A NVY, H TULA (13-4)
7 CINCINNATI (8-1) (60-52) .536(15-29) .341A SF, H TEMP, A MEM (18-9)
8 MEMPHIS (8-1) (55-46) .545(25-18) .581A HOU, A SF, H CN (15-12)
9 BOISE STATE (8-1) (52-50) .510(18-24) .429H NM, A UTST, A COST (11-16)
10 APPALACHIAN STATE (8-1) (47-54) .465(18-22) .450A GAST, H TXST, A TROY (13-14)
11 LOUISIANA TECH (8-1) (42-60) .412(20-24) .455A MAR, A UAB, H TXSA (16-11)
12 OREGON (8-1) (55-48) .534(24-34) .469H AZ, A AZST, H ORST (13-14)
13 GEORGIA (8-1) (55-47) .539(23-26) .469A AUB, H TXAM, A GT (15-12)
14 UTAH (8-1)(50-52) .490(25-32) .439H UCLA, A AZ, H CO (12-16)
15 OKLAHOMA (8-1) (53-46) .535(25-29) .463A BAY, H TCU A OKST (19-8)
16 PENN STATE (8-1) (62-39) .614(30-26) .536H IND, A OHST, H RUTG (18-9)
17 ALABAMA (8-1) (51-52) .495(22-25) .468A MSST, H FCS, A AUB (11-7)
18 FLORIDA (8-2) (55-39) .585(25-23) .521A MZ , H FLAST (10-9)
19 NAVY (7-1) (55-50) .524(16-28) .364A ND, H SMU, A HOU, H ARM (23-15)
20 MICHIGAN (7-2) (66-45) .595(30-26) .536H MIST, A IND, H OHST (20-7)
21 NOTRE DAME (7-2) (64-46) .582(25-18) .581H NVY, H BC, A STNF (16-11)
22 WISCONSIN (7-2) (63-48) .568(30-27) .526A NB, H PUR, A MN (15-13)
23 AIR FORCE (7-2) (54-48) .529(21-21) .500A COST, H WYO, A NM (14-15)
24 SAN DIEGO STATE (7-2) (46-56) .451(19-24) .442H FRST, A HAW, H BYU (15-13)
25 WAKE FOREST (7-2) (52-51) .505(25-25) .500A CLE, H DUK, A SYR (17-11)

If you examine the Top 25 rankings further, you should notice that only Ohio State, Baylor, SMU, Cincinnati, Oklahoma, Penn State and Michigan possess the toughest road to success based upon combined records of the remaining scheduled games. The interesting dichotomy is that the SEC teams who are ranked by the AMWAY USA Today Coaches Poll and AP poll, and ranked with high credible ranking to manipulate the perceived validity of the rank, possesses an easier road to successes but the CFP Committee and ESPN have problems comprehending that thought.

The data and statistics do not lie. It does however provide a different perspective on how the reality of each FBS football team can be evaluated with an improved understanding. The subjective assessment in which coaches vote and rank are dependent on their credibility to rank efficiently without possessing a bias. Proving that no matter what your conference affiliation is, who your coaching friends are or what constituencies have financially backed you. Rankings are not meant to be miss leading but possess a true reality to how programs are performing against each other, at the same level of play and by the same rules.

As always, please cite the source in APA/MLA format if you use any of my information. To the sports media in print, television or radio; I am available for interview to discuss my college rankings, college football content and more specifically the college football playoffs. If you have any questions, comments or would like to discuss this further, reach out to me on twitter @cfbpoexpert or leave a comment in the comment section. I am also available for interview to discuss my perspective on college football and my research into expanding the playoffs for college football.

SOURCE: Clemson Tiger Image(2019). Image retrieved form the World Wide Web on November 6, 2019. Using Google Search Engine entering the phrase Clemson Tigers Images.

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