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Final Edits on Book and Update

Since my last post on December 9, 2012; I have spent this time adding 2 chapters to the book, editing, making final edits and submitting paper work to the US Copyright Offices to protect this literary work and research. I can say at this point in time that the work is FINALLY complete after 5-years of exhaustive research and writing. I have already looked at self publishing and a marketing plan. As of this post, I am on the clock awaiting my certification from the copyright offices. If all goes as planned publication of the literary work could be end of March or first part of April.

I would like to ask of those who follow my posts through twitter or Facebook which size book would be most beneficial for reading:

A. 8 1/2 X 11

B. 5.5 X 8

Please feel free to twitter me at cfbpoexpert or comment on this post for your suggestion on book size.

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