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Blatant Non-Conference Scheduling Practices by the SEC

Now that the SEC has won 7 straight BCS Titles, what does the future 2013 SEC non-conference schedule hold for the “supposed” best conference?  Does 7- straight titles entitle them to schedule an easier non-conference schedule or control it more in their favor? With the 2013 season almost 8 months away, the FBS schedules are out and almost finalized. The review of the 2013 SEC non-conference schedules indicate that the SEC once again, controls and manipulates their strategic position for the BCS championship game again. What many of you SEC supporters would say is “that we play in the  toughest conference and we have already won 7 titles in a row.” Well that is all perception and opinion based. The reality is that the SEC possesses the WORST non-conference scheduling practices in all of the FBS levels. The SEC possesses the HIGHEST home field advantage of all FBS conference at 79.8%, which is conclusive evidence supported by peer reviewed journal articles that supports home field advantage.

The 3-time, defending BCS champion, Alabama lightens their load again and will play all their 2013 non-conference games at HOME or within SEC supportive advantage country. Must be nice to play more home games and never play outside of the Southeastern part of the US, accept for 1-time a season if that. The review of the 2013 SEC non-conference schedules revealed that the SEC possesses an 80.4% non-conference home field advantage in the upcoming 2013 FBS season. The results revealed that the SEC has scheduled 45 HOME games versus 11 AWAY games in  the 2013 non-conference schedule. What a significant advantage to home field with every team and every FBS season. This has been an ongoing cognitive practice for the SEC since the inception of the BCS or Bowl Coalition.

The continued review of the 2013 SEC non-conference schedules indicates another hedonistic control over their non-conference schedule which strategically places them in position to compete for the BCS title year in and year out. Outside of what’s already stated, the review of the 2013 SEC non-conference schedule is this:

1 game West with Tennessee traveling to Oregon

9 games scheduled with the Sun Belt Conf.

8 games scheduled with the ACC

7 games scheduled with the CUSA

6 games scheduled with the MAC

3 games scheduled with the B12

2 games scheduled with the Big East and PAC 12

1 game each with the MWC, B10 and Independents(not Notre Dame)

15 games scheduled with FCS programs, none of which are becoming FBS members in the near future.

The SEC non-conference schedule is loaded with more NON-BCS games and at HOME versus traveling to those NON-BCS sites. The SEC fears losing and ruining their reputation and credibility. That’s why they control their non-conference schedule. Another significant advantage the SEC possesses is they prey on FCS programs early and late in the football season to pad their win totals. My take on playing FCS games is GO  play another FBS program, most likely away versus other FBS programs. Stop scheduling the more than significant win versus any FCS opponent. The SEC has manipulated the system in their favor for too many years which has led them to 7-straight BCS championships. What is more interesting  is that no one wants to report  or challenge this within the media.

The moral of this story is; if every FBS program scheduled the way the SEC does, then this would be a true hedonistic way to significantly increase your probability in playing for the BCS championship. Dear SEC: Schedule someone at the same level, play at their venue outside of the Southeastern US and not in a neutral site.


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