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College Football Playoffs Expert

FBS: The Field of 16

Do you ever wonder what college football would be like at the FBS level if there were a field of 16? Throughout the exhaustive research of college football at the FBS level, I was able to develop a FAIR, measurable and non-subjective criteria to determine who would make the field of 16 FBS playoffs. My […]

BCS: The SEC Empire Falls

The reign of the SEC empire falls! I predicted on twitter in the beginning and during the course the 2012 FBS season, that NO SEC program would finish the season with 0-losses.Does the SEC possess credible programs, yes.  But the experts within the major media outlets of television and radio were significantly positive about the […]

BCS Rankings Missed a Variable

Do you ever wonder what goes through the minds of the human subjective voters when they rank the FBS teams 1 through 25? Since the human subjective voters are two-thirds of the numerical data used to determine who are the best FBS programs “supposedly”;  what did the human cognitive minds miss when ranking their FBS […]

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