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2023 Field of FBS 16: Michigan #1 Who Else Is in

With the conclusion of the 2023 college football season drawn to a close. the only remaining regular season game is the Army/Navy game in this Saturday. It is time to unveil the expanded college football playoff which is published research based, and proven to work. The book titled ” College Football In The BCS Era The Untold Truth Facts Evidence Solution” (Siggelow, 2013 & 2016); explored, explained and researched thoroughly the expanded playoff format starting in 2007. The research supports that every FBS classified college football team would be eligible to participate in the field of 16 playoff format. The only exception to the rule of participation is, if the specific FBS team was on NCAA in-eligible violation lists.

Seedings are based upon my published research for the field of 16 for the researched based expanded FBS College Football Playoff. I diligently continued to perform and collect every FBS college football season starting in 1994. Below is the seedings, games sites and complete process for the 2023 expanded College Football Playoff.

First Round: First weekend of December. All Games are played at seed 1 through 8 stadium sites. No stadium accommodations to be made by moving a game to an indoor weather-controlled facility.

1 Michigan (12-0) versus 16 Louisville (10-2) at Michigan

8 Alabama (11-1) versus 9 Tulane (11-1) at Alabama

5 Florida State (12-0) versus 12 Oregon (11-1) at Florida State

4 Georgia (12-0) versus 13 Oklahoma (10-2) at Georgia

3 Liberty (12-0) versus 14 Iowa (10-2) at Liberty

6 Texas (11-1) versus 11 Toledo (11-1) at Texas

7 Ohio State (11-1) versus 10 James Madison (11-1) at Ohio State

2 Washington (12-0) versus 15 Mississippi (10-2) at Washington

Second Round or Quarter Finals Round will be played third week of December at the first four bowl game sites. Winner of 1 and 16 plays the winner of 8 and 9. The winner of 5 and 12 plays the winner of 4 and 13 winner. Winner of 3 and 14 plays winner of 6 and 11 winner. Winner of 7 and 10 plays winner of 2 and 15. Bowl Sites to be used are: Independence Bowl, LA Bowl, New Mexico Bowl and Cure Bowl.

Semi Final Rounds and Championship Game will be played and scheduled in the already pre-determined scheduled bowl site locations in which the college football playoff format is currently using. Bowl sites are as follows; Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl for the Semi Finals. With the Championship Game played in the site selected by committee.

Below is a chart that offers statistical data that assisted in the determining of seeding of my field of 16:

5FLORIDA STATE(12-0)YES(6-6)(61-71)(21-43)(17-19)
7OHIO STATE(11-1)YES(3-3)(70-62)(37-44)(12-12)
10JAMES MADIS0N(11-1)YES(5-10)(67-65)(36-28)(12-14)


Key and explanation of Data:

A: Seeded Teams Overall Record. B: If Seeded Teams Played/Scheduled an FCS Game. C: Seeded Teams Scheduled Non-Conference Records Versus Their Opponents Non-Conference Schedule. D: Seeded Teams Overall Combined Records Of Scheduled Opponents MINUS ANY Scheduled FCS Opponents Record. E: Seeded Teams Combined Records Of Scheduled Conference Opponents. F: Seeded Teams Non-Conference Opponents Overall Records MINUS ANY Scheduled FCS Opponent.

Selection and seedings are based upon published research dating back to 2007 to the present. There is published proof that College Football at the FBS level can support and implement an expanded 16 team playoff format without using Conference Championships. Since college football generates just as much financial revenue as the professional leagues in sports; this includes the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, the MLB, the MSL and the NWSL. These leagues use playoff criterion that incorporates the professional model theory with specific numerical and or point system values which all athletes with coaches, know what the requirements are to make the playoffs. There is no subjectivity or committees at the professional level which dictates or uses subjective assessment to determine who makes the playoffs. Playoff positions are earned, not given.

It’s time for a change where the human vested interest is removed from the equation. The need for criterion-based systems which all Athletic Directors, Conference Commissioners, Coaches and Student Athletes, along with the college football fan/audience possess a concrete understanding of what it takes to make the playoff field. My published research proves that the professional model works.

If you possess any questions or comments, please feel free to reply or reach out to me on X @cfbpoexpert

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