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Predicting the CFP’s 1st Poll

I am beating ESPN and the CFP Committee to the punch and predicting the CFP Rankings from 1 through 25 before they are actually released live at 7PM tonight.

Tonight on November 3rd, 2015 at 7PM the College Football Playoff Committee will release thier first CFP Rankings on ESPN, the Expert Sports Programming Network. I follow various twitter accounts that tweet about college football which includes television, radio, analysts and the “experts” at ESPN. Last week the CFP committee Chair, Jeff Long; the Athletic Director at Arkansas an SEC Conference member , The Football Four, and The USA Today Sports sent out a tweet promoting the CFP Top 25 to be released Tuesday November 3rd. I sent a tweet back to them saying that I bet I could predict with confidence who the committee will rank in order and be 90% accurate. I received a tweet back from Jeff Long or his twitter account saying “Go For It! Knock yourself out, have fun with it …Go on! My return tweet was “as Barney Stinson said (from the CBS show How I Met Your Mother) “Challenge Accepted”.

Challanege Accepted and Completed. Below is how I believe the CFP Committee will rank the Top 25 FBS college football programs for the first CFP poll. You need to remember that the first poll is not the actual final poll but a feel out poll to see which 25 FBS programs are being considered for the Final Four Spots.  This is thier “on thier radar poll”. They will leave some very good credible FBS teams out and off the list. From this list some will play themselves out, some will change thier rankings and some will play themselevs into the poll and fail to receive thier just due credit, also known as any 0-loss or 1-loss programs from the Group of 5.

Below is how I have predicted how the CFP Committee will rank the first Top 25 Poll.

Disclaimer: This is not how I believe I would rank the CFP Poll. This is a Prediction Model of the CFP Poll.


BAYLOR (7-0)
LSU (7-0)
TCU (8-0)
IOWA (8-0)
UTAH (7-1)
TOLEDO (7-0)
UCLA (6-2)
TEMPLE (7-1)
TEXAS A&M (6-2)

I do believe that the committee has a very hard job to get this right at the end of the year. I also believe the committee does not look at all the variables that needs to be examined to rank more accurately each FBS team 1 through 25. Thier inexperience shows dramatically. What the public also need to rememeber is that there is $50 Million Dollars prize on the table, a trophy and title with national recognition on the line that is attached with this playoff format. This committee does possess vested interest and will do thier best to keep out any Power 5 FBS program out of the Final Four Spots.

If you have any questions about my rankings please contact me through twitter at    cfbpoexpert  or leave a comment on the page.

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